How to Communicate With Everyone

How to Communicate With Everyone

taught by Keith Tatley
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Keith Tatley
Keith Tatley

About the Instructor

Communication skills are how you get people to listen to what you say and do what you ask. This is why good communication is essential to your happiness and success.

But people are different and what works for one person doesn't work for the next. This short course will show you how you can communicate effectively with everyone.

Warning Signs that Your Communication is Ineffective:

  1. People not listening to you

  2. People not doing what you wanted

  3. Misunderstandings and having to repeat yourself often

  4. People having negative perceptions of you

  5. Conflict

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This module covers the following communication skills:

  • Clarity and concision

  • Empathy and Interpersonal skills by adapting your message to the receiver

  • Writing skills, verbal communication skills

  • Persuasiveness and motivation

  • Learning about the DISC behaviour model

The objectives of this module are:

Show you how to communicate more effectively with different types of people. So that you can be more persuasive in your communication which will increase your success and happiness in life and business. Your IQ remains relatively fixed. But your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is flexible and improving your communication skills is one way that you can improve your EQ.

Course Contents

1 Quiz
13 Texts
1 Disqus
1.0 hr