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Hiring: The Single Most Important Thing for a Manager to get Right

  • Hiring takes a lot of time and has a massive risk of a bad hire slipping through
  • Use this online resource to get: Hiring tips, techniques, process and assessment resources and
  • You'll get an efficient hiring process that will get you the best candidate for the job. The best employees aren't only worth many thousands of dollars than the second best. Great employees make managing easy by saving you management time and stress.
  • Join to find out how to avoid bad hires and only hire the best

If you’ve ever suffered the financial and emotional cost of a bad-hire you’re not alone. Most managers have made bad hires. Hiring is difficult. People who look good on paper and interview well can still turn out to be a disaster.

The problem is that hiring is a big decision based on very little information. The recruitment process is a time suck when you are short resourced. And often the worst job candidates get the most practice at interviewing. They know exactly what to say and do to get the job.

Hiring is a bit like playing Russian Roulette - play it often enough and you're guaranteed of a bad result.


The good news, is that bad hires can be almost entirely eliminated when you know what to look for. Bosses are responsible for employee selection, motivation and retention. But they don't teach you how to do this in school. Hiring the best employees requires:

  1. Better manager hiring skills
  2. Proven candidate assessment tools and
  3. A proven recruitment process

That's why hiring for performance is a foundational skill in the program.


Find out how to avoid making poor hiring decisions by taking the guesswork out of the recruitment process. The Manager Foundation techniques will help you:

  • Get better at defining job requirements,
  • Show you how to truly test candidate skills against job descriptions and other candidates.

The right person in the job will improve employee performance and staff retention.

"As a business owner or manager, you know that hiring the wrong person is the most costly mistake you can make."

- Brian Tracy

Keith Tatley

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