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Be The Best Boss You Can Be

Are you a boss who wants to get more from your employees without being the angry-shouty boss that no-one likes? It's not easy is it? Boss Camp will show you how. Save yourself time, employee frustrations and set your career on fire.

What They Don't Teach You in Business School

"When your employees perform, anything is possible, being a boss is great. your employees will respect you and your career will fly. But when they don't, you'll be the one stuck in the office on the weekends"

Managing is hard, it's difficult to get people to perform without being shown how. That's why bosses try to motivate employees but end up unliked.

When your employees don't perform this sucks up your management time and causes you stress

Boss Camp will show you proven, ethical management that will: make managing easy, increase employee productivity, improve your career and best of all: give you confidence and peace of mind

You'll discover how a client turned a declining, loss making business into a profitable, growing business. How they turned unengaged, underperforming employees who were lacking skills into a smaller, better performing team in under 8 months which they thought was impossible.


  • Did you work hard to become a boss, only to find out that managing is hard?
  • Did you study technical skills (such as Accounting/ Engineering/ IT) and now need people management skills? Especially if you haven't been taught these formally,
  • Do you want to progress in your career by being a better manager?
  • Do you believe in ethical management and want people to do their jobs without being the angry, shouty boss?
  • Do you believe your employees need to improve their performance or skills?
  • Are you a busy or overworked manager with too many responsibilities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Boss Camp was made for you. Boss Camp is vital for newer managers and incredibly helpful for experienced bosses.

Who BOSSCAMP Isn't For...

  • People not prepared to try different management methods
  • Bosses who think they are perfect and think they have nothing to learn
  • Bosses who want to use the persuasion techniques for manipulation "a$$holes need not apply"

Examples of What BOSSCAMP Can Do For You

  • Motivate & retain employees without money
  • How to "Get Stuff Done" using your employees
  • Increase productivity and profits
  • Increase your skills and employability
  • Earn bigger promotions, bonuses and increases

Not to mention you will get your time back and have less stress from managing your employees

Earn a certificate for your resume and a badge for your LinkedIn profile

P.S. A Surprising Side Effect

Boss Camp is about efficient, effective and ethical ways to manage your employees. But I can share with you from personal experience that it is rewarding to help your employees to grow and find enjoyment in their work. It also does wonders to your own confidence to get better as a boss and to have certainty in your management.

What is Included in BOSSCAMP?

BOSSCAMP is a management system, delivered by an online "Learning Management System". The content includes:

Practical Exercises, More than 30 bitesize videos on Management Techniques, Downloads and Worksheets

Content Includes:

  • How to stick to your own personal development
  • How to create a better workplace
  • How to fix performance problems with positive feedback
  • Achieving Management Zen - how to control stress
  • A mindfulness problem solving technique for you & your employees
  • Managing your own mindset & overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • Managing employees mindset for growth, motivation & happiness
  • Avoiding the Management Death Spiral
  • What is Boss Power and how to get it
  • What are the Foundations of Managing
  • Achieving mental and physical wellbeing in work
  • Hiring, performance communication, delegating, developing skills etc.

Bonuses for Early Registrants

Also included are these limited bonuses:

  • An online consultation to identify employee performance opportunities
  • Find out your own Boss SuperPower (if you haven't already)
  • Your Power HOUR self development worksheet for sticking to development goals
  • Secret Ninja Manager Tricks - turn problems into opportunities with these tricks
  • Awareness poster to guide your employees through problem solving
  • Bossercise program to turn your employees into a lean, mean, performing team (don't worry, no push-ups, sit-ups or burpees required)

Theses bonuses alone would cost you over $500

Do I need to be a manager to take BOSS CAMP?

No. In fact I wish more bosses would find out how to be a good boss BEFORE becoming a boss. There are some practical exercises which would be better to practice on direct reports but you can practice these on other colleagues if you like. You have lifetime access so you're welcome to refer back to BOSS.CAMP at any time.

PS When I recruit managers I look for evidence that they are competent people managers. Doing this program will help you to make the promotion from individual contributor to manager.

I've done a leadership course - why do I need BOSS CAMP?

Firstly I think leadership is very important - so congratulations for investing in your future. Clearly there is an overlap between leadership and management. Where I believe Boss Camp is different is:

  • Leadership is higher level and more about strategy, values, vision. And is usually more theoretical
  • Boss Camp is about the day-to-day activities that every boss needs to do. And is very practical.

Just think about it this way - when you came back from the leadership training did you know the exact words that you needed to say to your employee who arrived late?

I work in government - will I be allowed to use BOSS CAMP?

As long as you're allowed to talk to your employees then Boss Camp will work for you. There's nothing in there that can't be done through having the right conversation with your employee.

I'm a Project Manager, is BOSS CAMP right for me?

Probably not: Boss Camp is designed for managers who are responsible for employee recruitment, performance, development etc. In short the sort of things you only do with direct reports. Having said that some of the communication skills are universal, whether you have formal role authority or not. I recommend looking at Inspiring Performance Communication and Active Listening as a more direct place to start.

Does BOSS CAMP work for matrix organisations?

Yes - in matrix organisations you usually have dotted reporting lines and solid reporting lines. Boss Camp will help more with subordinates who have a direct reporting relationship to you but you will still find benefit for your "dotted" reports.

How can I be sure that it's going to work every time?

In short you can't be 100% sure. What I do works with 90% of the people, 90% of the time. It's as simple as getting fitter. If you go to the gym and do the exercises it's difficult NOT to get fitter. But I'm so confident that this works that if it doesn't work for you then please feel free to get a refund.

I'm overworked and BOSS CAMP sounds like a lot of hard work - will I have the time?

Relax - no push ups or burpees are required. The point of Boss.Camp is not to work you harder but rather smarter. Typically I find managers are overworked because they aren't effective as a boss. Better bossing leads to less work for you, not more. So if you're overworked, can you afford not to do it?

I have a really difficult employee who doesn't listen to anything I say - what will BOSS CAMP do for me?

The reason your employee doesn't listen to you is because your employee doesn't find your message motivational. Likely they also don't have a functional relationship with you (which means they don't respect you enough to listen). People listen more when you figure out what motivates them. There are also techniques called pattern interrupts and up front contracts that you can use to "switch" your employee into listening mode. See the section on Inspiring Performance Communication. People also listen to people they respect - see the section on performance relationships.

Does BOSS CAMP work with Millennials?

You know what amazes me about millennials? It's how good they are when they want to be - just look at some of their performance art, internet startups and incredible physical achievements. If you don't share this view then Youtube "People are Awesome". Imagine if you could harness even just a little bit of this power at work?
The problem with millennials is that old fashioned ways of working (like bosses who use formal authority) doesn't work with them. When you do Boss.Camp you'll find that it's more suited to millennials than traditional management methods

I've been a manager for years - what would I learn?

In short, you'd find out three things:

  1. What blindspots are holding you back,
  2. Faster, more powerful ways of doing what you already do and
  3. New & alternative techniques for when your usual way doesn't work

I'd like to say something important but possibly difficult to hear. There are many experienced managers who think they know what they are doing. Unless they've had rigorous training it's unlikely that they are as good at being a boss as they could be. Unfortunately, being a boss for many years does not guarantee that you are a good boss.

I've done and MBA, why should I do BOSS CAMP as well?

Congratulations - an MBA is a fantastic qualification and shows that you are willing to invest in yourself. What I found with business qualifications is that they: were more theoretical than practical and focused more on leadership than day-to-day management. I'm sure that you recognise that it's not just about your technical skills. Your ability to generate good work through your employees is important to your career too. This is why I believe these are excellent complimentary programmes.

Any More Questions?

... Please don't hesitate to ask me at KeithT (at) Manager Foundation dot com


Keith Tatley

Keith is a reforming Chartered Accountant. After 20 years of senior finance experience he did a yoga teachers trainers course and realised that people are focussing on the wrong things at work. He realised that technical skills are important but they don't get you anywhere without soft skills. Keith is grateful for the wonderful work experience he's had and he thinks he got a fantastic qualification but he wishes that someone had shown him how to be a better manager when he was first starting out. This is why he is using the magic of the internet to provide what he never had because he knows that this is the secret to confidence, satisfaction and progression.Keith loves to find better ways of doing things and thinks he has a knack for strategy and problem solving.

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