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Includes One-on-One form

The One on One meeting is the heart of your Managing Practice

Because you can take care of almost all of your management duties in one go.

Find out how to run a One on One Meeting that is so good it will change your life and put you on a path to Manager Nirvana.

Whether you are a new manager or an experienced manager, this mini-course is packed with heaps of best practice that will:

  1. Save your management time
  2. Motivate & Retain your employees to achieve results and
  3. Give you confidence and peace of mind

PS: Please note that this is the course for managers. If you are an employee looking to find out what to do in a One-on-One meeting please see the complimentary employee course.


Does this include a one-on-one meeting agenda?

Yes the one-on-one training includes a one-to-one meeting agenda that both you and your employee can use

Is there any difference between 121, 1-21, one-on-one or one-to-ones?

No, these are all just different names for the same meeting. What is important is that this is for a meeting between the manager and the employee without any other attendees

Where do I get a one-on-one form download?

Join the course and you will get a free one-on-one form to download. This includes your 1-2-1 Template and one on one worksheet for you to download.

How do I have effective one-on-one meetings with employees?

Simple: Join by clicking on the registration button. Download the one-to-one worksheet and do the free training provided. This will show you how to have effective one-to-ones with your employees at work.

Tips for one on one meetings with employees

This course contains heaps of secret ninja manager, one on one meeting tips. So that you can get better employee performance with less manager pain.

Questions to ask in one on one meetings with employees

Not sure what questions to ask in one on one meetings with your employees? I've got you covered with a whole worksheet for you to download. Use these questions to get your employees to do the talking and the hard work.

One on one meeting invitation template

What's the best way to start one on one meetings with employees? Use the tried and tested one on one meeting request email sample that I have for you to download


Keith Tatley

Keith is a reforming Chartered Accountant. After 20 years of senior finance experience he did a yoga teachers trainers course and realised that people are focussing on the wrong things at work. He realised that technical skills are important but they don't get you anywhere without soft skills. Keith is grateful for the wonderful work experience he's had and he thinks he got a fantastic qualification but he wishes that someone had shown him how to be a better manager when he was first starting out. This is why he is using the magic of the internet to provide what he never had because he knows that this is the secret to confidence, satisfaction and progression.Keith loves to find better ways of doing things and thinks he has a knack for strategy and problem solving.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Quickstart Guide to One on Ones with your employees

    • Introduction: 3 Steps to Easy One-on-Ones

    • Free One-on-One Training for your Employees

    • How to Create a Productive and Fulfilling Workplace with One-on-ones

    • Best Practice One-on-One form

    • One-on-One Form for Employees

    • How Often Must you do One on Ones?

  • 2

    The Main Course

    • One on Ones are the Heartbeat of Managing. Make them your Weekly Practice

    • One-on-Ones Meeting Agenda and Contents

    • The Other Half of a Successful One-on-One. Employee Training & Buy-In

    • Employee Buy In: One on One Email Template

    • Employee Buy-In and Expertise: Resource

    • Questions to ask your employees during One on One Staff meetings - download

  • 3

    Wrapping up: Getting the Most from Your One-on-Ones

    • Getting the Most from your One-on-Ones Next steps

    • Further Assistance on Being a Better Boss

    • Joining the Manager Foundation Alumni Community

    • Are you on the list for the next WWW.BOSS.CAMP? Find out how to apply here

    • Feedback Please

    • CPD (CPE) Continuing Professional Development Credits


5 star rating

Thank You!

Abbey Godley

I enjoy the pace of your classes and the ease in which you present very obvious solutions to common management problems. Would highly recommend your course.

I enjoy the pace of your classes and the ease in which you present very obvious solutions to common management problems. Would highly recommend your course.

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