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Delegation That Works

Improve Your Personal Performance and Time-Management by Delegating to Your Employees | taught by Keith Tatley
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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Delegation
Do This First! FREE TRIAL
Exercise: Planning and Commitment to Develop Your Delegation Skills FREE TRIAL
Delegation Check Up FREE TRIAL
Delegation Check-Up Interpretation
Mindset Beware the Delegation Death Spiral
Sir Richard Branson and other Successful Leaders on Delegation FREE TRIAL
What Happens When You Don’t Delegate Enough to Your Staff? FREE TRIAL
Delegation as an Essential Management Skill FREE TRIAL
Overview of the Delegation Process - Setting Yourself up For Your Best Shot at Continued Success
Your Boss Super Power and Delegation
Mythbusting: The Biggest Delegation Myth "If you want something done right, do it yourself"
Certificate for Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile
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How to Identify What to Delegate
Introduction: How to Identify What to Delegate
1. Tracking What Tasks Absorb Your Time - Work Tracking Worksheet
2. How to Identify What to Delegate
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Bonus Quick Wins
Quick Win - How to Spring Clean Before Delegation
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Where & When to Delegate?
Your Management Meeting: One on Ones with Employees
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The Benefits of Delegation
The Known and Lesser Known Benefits of Delegation for Managers FREE TRIAL
Benefits of Delegation for Employees
Benefits of Delegation for Companies
Effective Delegation: The Management Sweetspot
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Choosing Who to Delegate to: Your Employees are the Other Half of a Successful Delegation
Who to Delegate to
Secret Ninja Manager Tricks: Choosing Who to Delegate to
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Mistakes to Avoid with Delegation
What You Must Not Delegate
How to Avoid Reverse Delegation
5 Delegation Mistakes to Avoid
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How to Deal With Delegation Problems
How to Not Risk Your Own Deliverables to Your Boss and Other Stakeholders
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Change Managing Delegation into Your Team
Making Change Work, Making Change Stick FREE TRIAL
Moving Your Employees Through the Change Continuum
Exercise: Communication & Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement: Getting Supporting Cover From Your Boss
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How to Delegate: The Delegation Dialogue
The Delegation Steps
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Course description


  • Overflowing inbox? Wish your employees would do more?
  • Get stuff done while growing your employees with Effective Delegation.
  • Get your time back AND improve your earnings

Do you feel stressed and overloaded with work? Do you wish your employees could and would do more? Successful bosses aren't the hardest working bosses. Successful bosses are bosses who know how to delegate effectively "to get stuff done".

Some people say "If you want something done right, do it yourself." But this is just a management myth because effective managers know how to motivate their employees to do a better job than they could do on their own.

If you feel like a superhero carrying the world on your shoulders then it's time to give yourself the help and support that you need to manage your workload by learning the art and science of Effective Delegation.

  • Did you know that tasks that are routine boredom for you can be exciting development opportunities for one of your employees?
  • Did you know that your employees have unutilised skills and abilities?

Effective delegation is a way to manage your own workload while growing your employees skills and abilities at the same time. 

When you do Delegation right, your employees love it too because they are learning and growing.


Delegation in management is a powerful task management tool. Because successful delegation is how managers manage their workload by engaging the skills and dedication of their employees to produce work. But Effective delegation is more than that because it's also like a mini promotion. Successful delegation engages employees and motivates staff. This increases employee performance. But when delegation in management is done badly it becomes yet another task that an under-performing employee doesn't want to do. This short course includes a free manager delegation worksheet.

Using a delegation tool is the best method to ensure successful delegation. I’ve spent years researching, developing and testing the best of the best so that you don’t have to. I share this and many more proven management techniques with you in the free program.


  • Identifying what to delegate,
  • How to make the delegation - right down to the right words to use,
  • Delegation mistakes to avoid and,
  • How to avoid reverse delegation.
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Keith Tatley
Keith Tatley